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Collecting Collectables has a wonderful selection of film magazines from the 1940’s that includes Picturegoer magazines and Picture Show magazines for sale.

Below are links to the very collectable magazines that have stunning front covers that are ideal for framing and displaying!

Picturegoer film magazine featuring a front cover photograph of Bob Hope in military uniform; 1953 Picturegoer film magazine featuring a front cover photograph of Eva Bartok 1951 Picturegoer Magazine The Band Wagon Front Cover 1954 Picture Show Film Magazine Casanova’s Big Night 1954 Picture Show Magazine 13th October 1954 Bus Stop Film Front Cover Marilyn Monroe & Don Murray Picture Show Film Magazine 25th February 1956 Front Cover The Benny Goodman Story Film Starring Steve Allen and Donna Reid Picture Show Magazine 29th December 1956 with the Hollywood or Bust Film Front Cover Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Pat Crowley Picture Show Film Magazine 6th July 1957 The Prince and the Showgirl Front Cover Featuring Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Olivier Picture Show Magazine 1957 Featuring Jayne Mansfield Full Page Photograph with Facsimile Autograph Picture Show & TV Mirror Magazine 25th April 1959 Don Murray These Thousand Hills Front Cover Picture Show Film Magazine Bob Hope The Lemon Drop Kid Front Cover 28th April  1951 Life Magazine Special Issue Off To The Moon July 21 1969